1295L Stainless Refrigeration Unit Williams HJ2SA

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Waddens Brook Lane, Wednesfield Business Park Units 3-5, WV11 3SF Wolverhampton, GB

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1295L Stainless Refrigeration Unit
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1.302 EUR Почетна цена
Waddens Brook Lane, Wednesfield Business Park Units 3-5, WV11 3SF Wolverhampton, GBОбединето Кралство

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2nd hand, very light use in perfect working order
These units cost over £2000 new
Viewing highly recommended, please contact us to arrange a visit during business hours

For over 30 years Williams Refrigeration has built a worldwide reputation for quality, performance, innovation and reliability in professional catering refrigeration.
Their commitment to design excellence and continual improvement has made them one of the foodservice market’s leading manufacturers. Williams’ award-winning refrigeration solutions meet global commercial requirements and exceed international ISO 9001-2008 quality standards.

Designed for busy restaurants, school kitchens and hotels, the large capacity Williams HJ2SA operates effectively in ambient temperatures up to 43 degrees Celsius keeping produce in perfect condition. Self-closing magnetic balloon gasket doors and 80mm insulation ensure a secure seal from outside elements.

Brand: Williams
Model Number HJ2-SA
Colour: Stainless steel

Capacity Net Volume: 1021Ltr. Gross Volume: 1295Ltr
Dimensions (external): 1960(H) x 1400(W) x 824(D)mm
Dimensions (internal) 1411(H)x 1240(W)x 665(D)mm
Dimensions (shelf size) 530(W)x 650(D)mm
Dimensions - insulation 80mm

Power Type: 50Hz, 1 Phase, 13A
Refrigerant: R134a
Temperature Range: 1°C to 4°C
Voltage: 230V
Weight: 164kg

Robust, easy-clean stainless steel exterior and aluminium interior
Easy to position adjustable and removable racking for easy cleaning
High quality ODP zero foam insulation
Heavy duty swivel and brake castors for easy positioning
Suitable for 2/1 sized gastronorm pans
Maximum ambient temperature: 43°C
Full length 'easy grab' door handle
Thick insulation minimises cold loss for reduced energy consumption
CoolSmart controller for reduced energy costs
Self-closing doors with magnetic balloon gasket for tight seal
No keys supplied


Euro Communications Distribution Ltd

Лице за контакт:Herr Steven Athwal

Waddens Brook Lane, Wednesfield Business Park Units 3-5

WV11 3SF Wolverhampton, Großbrittanien

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