Semi-Automatic Carton Parcel Sealer Siat SR4-A

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Waddens Brook Lane, Wednesfield Business Park Units 3-5, WV11 3SF Wolverhampton, GB

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Semi-Automatic Carton Parcel Sealer
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2.677 EUR Почетна цена
Waddens Brook Lane, Wednesfield Business Park Units 3-5, WV11 3SF Wolverhampton, GBОбединето Кралство

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Siat SR4-A
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на 24.04.2018
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Packing by hand is a labour intensive job that takes time and produces inconsistent results. For the very best in efficiency and quality, an automated sealing machine is a great investment. Fast, accurate and reliable, the Siat SR4-A is a superb investment
First impressions count and a badly sealed and packaged delivery can say a lot about the company who sent it. Attention to detail is important and the Siat offers the perfect sealing solution. Whether in a busy warehouse or a small business, time can be wasted manually sealing boxes and parcels for despatch. The Siat SR4-A handles both small and large runs with ease giving superb, consistent results ensuring parcels are neatly and professionally sealed
Running on single phase, the SR4-A is a compact unit easily fitting into despatch areas. Adjustable legs allow the height to be altered to suit other workplace units.
Simple to operate, the SR4-A is fitted with a variety of sensors for both safety and efficiency. Items are placed on the feed area where a touch pad engages the side guide arms for the parcel size. The boxes flaps are then closed and the parcel offered to the sealing head. A touch sensor triggers that automatically lifts the sealing head to the height of the parcel. The SR4-A then feeds the parcel on a conveyor through the sealing unit where tape is applied then automatically cut at the required length. The finished parcel is deposited out of the other end of the machine and the SR4-A resets for the next parcel.
Min Box Dimensions: L 150mm, W 170mm, H 100mm
Max Box Dimensions: L unlimited, W 500mm, H 500mm

Single phase
Takes standard 50mm tape
Auto centering & height adjustment
Indexing unit guides
Pressure adjustment
Taping unit descent
Unit dimensions 157 x 145 x 74cm
Our Siat is a fully functioning machine and is in good condition. The air pressure gauge cover has been damaged while moving but this does not affect the operation of the machine in any way.

We suggest a viewing of the SR4-A, please contact us to arrange a visit during business hours.

Unit is to be collected however delivery can be arranged for an additional fee.


Euro Communications Distribution Ltd

Лице за контакт:Herr Steven Athwal

Waddens Brook Lane, Wednesfield Business Park Units 3-5

WV11 3SF Wolverhampton, Großbrittanien

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