NEW Tube Laser Cutting Machine TTM Laser FL 300 Tube Laser

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NEW Tube Laser Cutting Machine
TTM Laser
FL 300 Tube Laser

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Europe - Italy
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The FL 300 is a tube laser cutting machine with 3D or 2D cutting head for the machining of tubes and profiles with a diameter ranging between 20 and 305 mm and a maximum length of 12500 mm.
The workpiece is housed between the four self-centring sliding jaws of the mobile chuck, structured in such a way not to require the replacement of the grips. The possibility of avoiding equipment change also distinguishes the fixed chuck, consisting in a solid structure housing the four self-centring idle rolls. The FL 300 loading system consist in a bundle loader, while the open profiles are loaded by a chain system; independent manipulators allow the loading of tubes from the bundle and tubes or profiles from chains.
The “smart” unloading makes it possible to enhance the productivity of the plant and significantly reduce the downtime for the storage of the cut parts. The unloading system for long parts is provided with controlled axes for the support and handling of any tube or profile during machining


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