Sprayline GIARDINA Dualtech + GP JET

120.000 EUR
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Dualtech + GP JET
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добар (користен)

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120.000 EUR Фиксна цена

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на 27.03.2018
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Excellent 1300 mm wide laquering/staining/painting line GIARDINA / UNISANDER.
Line is able to run WB/solvent laquers and it have been used for furniture parts staining, laquering and painting and sill in use (can be seen in operation). Line is 2007 (sander+sprayer year 2002) and all worked 3-4 hours / day and all are in very well condition and what is special - pieces are stackable after line !

Line machines are:

GIARDINA infeed belt
UNISANDER 2-R-300 brush sander with 2 pc rotating brushes
GIARDINA DUALTEC 401 DRY spray machien with 2 circuits
KREMLIN 2 pc AIRMIX pumps and 4+4 AIRMIX guns
GIARDINA GP JET 6 FLASH OFF tunnel 6 m with JET nozzles
GIARDINA GP JET 6 FLASH OFF tunnel 6 m with JET nozzles
GIARDINA GP JET 12 DRYING tunnel 12 mm with JET nozzles + IRM lamps
Free space for possible UV-oven (for wb UV)
GIARDINA COOL JET 6 COOLING tunnel 6 m with JET nozzles
CHILLER cooling unit what makes COOL JET tunnel air COLD (ab. 13 C air)
Free space of unloading pieces

This line is perfect and can be still seen in operation - so safe and easy investment with price of spray machine complete line from Finland and we do well dismounting and loading to trailers.


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Delmac Oy

Лице за контакт:Herr Jukka Pelkonen

Mäntykatu, 4

15150 Lahti, Finnland

Последна онлајн: Минатата недела

регистриран од: 2017

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Delmac Oy is woodworking machine sales company located in Finland, country of wood and woodworking. Company is new, but experienced and it have big know how of all kind of woodworking machines, dust extraction plants, lacquering and laminating plants, schredders etc. Main works of Delmac Oy is to deliver woodworking solutions to Finland and Estonia. Also our company delivered new and second hand machines and lines to export all around the world and also we have now and then complete lines and plans under sale.

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    телефон: +358500354150 +358500354150
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    +358500354150 +358500354150
    Лице за контакт:
    Г-дин Jukka Pelkonen
    машина за проект:
    A3574789 во Machineseeker
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